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WOW: Check Out Steve's New Shirt!

Posted on August 30 2018

WOW: Check Out Steve's New Shirt!

Hey look, it's Steve! And check out what he's wearing!

You don't think you've ever seen that shirt before.

It looks really great. Well... Steve is looking good in general...

You wonder how's he doing. You wonder if he remembers that night.

No, he wouldn't.

Even you tried to forget, but every so often your mind drifts back to that fated business trip: his rough yet gentle hands, the enticing touch of his moustache, the feel of his—

No. No

God. You're shaking. Steve is giving you a strange look — as though he's trying to feign confusion, but he definitely knows exactly why you're upset.

"Hey," he says, in that voice

It's very hard to look at him, but you do. 

"It's isn't easy for me either, you know," he tells you. "I haven't forgotten about—about what we..."

He trails off. You're too nervous to draw breath. He's far too close.

"I still... think about you sometimes."

You're touching now, the fabric of his shirt pressed against yours. It's soft and high-quality, and you scold yourself for not having the foresight to dress a little better when you got ready this morning.

"Are you going to say anything?" he murmurs.

You forgot that you had to, because silence with Steve just felt right. Everything felt right with Steve.  

Ask him why he never called. 

Ask him if he'd leave Linda.

Ask him where he—

No, you can't ask him that. That would be crazy. Madness. Unthinkable.

Oh, fuck it.


Your heart pounds in your chest. A steady pulse against your ribcage. Now or never.


He looks at you, his expression caught between fear and hope as you lean in close and ask him, softly...

"Where did you get that awesome shirt? It's epic as hell, dude."

He smiles. "I got it from Cool Shirtz. Use the code 'STEVE' for 15% off."

As Steve walks away, you know that it's over. Did you ever really love Steve or were you just addicted to the pain? The exquisite pain of wanting someone so fashionable? You want to go to him, to finally touch him again, to ask how the fuck he just enunciated a hyperlink—but you know, in this moment, that you have to let him go.


 You can become as appealing as Steve by buying his shirt here. Use code "STEVE" for 15% off.


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